Brookstone Hemp-Rich Collection: Heat & Comfort Muscle Gel


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The Brookstone Hemp-Rich Collection provides more than just skincare products geared toward muscle pain and comfort. The ‘Heat and Comfort Gel’ is perfect for minor aches and pains, arthritis, or muscle stiffness from exercise. Fast absorbing and antioxidant-rich, this gel is formulated to work effectively from the inside out and provide instant relief. Made entirely in the U.S.A from natural but powerful ingredients, this collection will target all of your skincare needs from start to finish.

SOOTHING MENTHOL– The numbing effect from Menthol shifts from cool to warm and soothes even the tightest muscles. Muscle recovery is a very important step to muscle growth and can help prevent any future injuries.

ANTI-AGING– Packed with pure hemp seed oil, the skin is protected from damage that can be caused by free radicals to prevent wrinkles, stretch marks, and discoloration. The antioxidant properties from flower and fruit extracts keep skin looking supple while working beneath the surface.

USE AFTER VIGOROUS EXERCISE– This gel targets soreness which can often appear a day after intense exercise, so applying it right after a vigorous activity can help offset pain for the next day. Also does wonders for chronic pain by relaxing the nerve receptors that cause the pain.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED– We provide trusted, licensed products that are entirely made in the U.S. and strictly made from safe and natural ingredients. If you aren’t happy with our product, please feel free to contact us.

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Enriched with the soothing powers of
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C & E for added comfort and relief.