Brookstone Hemp-Rich Collection: Comfort & Ease Muscle Cream


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  • HEMP SEED OIL BENEFITS – Hemp-Seed oil is known for its versatility, with one of its
    popular uses being for muscle tension. Whether tension is from stress, exercise or a
    minor injury, Hemp-seed oil can help reduce chronic pain because of its anti-
    inflammatory properties. It also moisturizes the surface of the skin while penetrating
    deep into the muscle layer at the same time for maximal comfort.
  • CALMING INGREDIENTS – Menthol derived from Methyl Salicylate is a counter-irritant
    that creates a sensation that first feels cool then warm to temporarily relieve minor
    muscle pain when used topically. Lemon, Apple and Cucumber extracts combined with
    Chamomile, Matricaria and Lavender neutralize the warming sensation after a while to
    soothe any irritation above the skin’s surface. This muscle cream is powerful for treating
    minor aches and pains yet gentle on skin for the perfect balance.
  • ANTIOXIDANT RICH – Muscle Calming cream formulated by skincare standards
    provides age defying antioxidant benefits that are also beneficial for muscle stiffness.
    When absorbed, the antioxidants from Chamomile and Lavender extracts stimulate cell
    regeneration for muscle recovery and comfort.
  • PRODUCTS MADE WITH PURPOSE – We provide you with products that are free of
    oils and dyes and any harmful chemicals such as hormone altering parabens, sulfates
    and phthalates, and 100% made in the USA and strictly cruelty free. We pride ourselves
    on making high quality products that will have lasting positive effects on your skin as well
    as on the environment. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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Enriched with the soothing powers of
+ the stimulating qualities of TIGER
CARROT EXTRACT. Rich in Vitamin A,
C & E for added comfort and relief.