Brookstone Hemp-Rich Collection: Soothe & Condition Hair and Scalp Oil


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ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF HEMP SEED OIL – Skin care does not just apply to the face
and body, but to the scalp as well. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, from root to
tip. Hemp-seed oil and coconut oil provide intense hydration that revitalize each strand
of hair and moisturize the scalp to prevent dandruff. No matter what texture hair you
have, hydration from oils will go a long way to restore luster and vitality back into the
PLANT POWERED INGREDIENTS – Sunflower oil penetrates the hair shaft to hydrate
dull looking hair without extra weight or greasiness. Sweet Almond oil is high in Vitamin
E, and prevents split ends for hair that can grow long and beautiful and Neem oil
promotes cell regeneration for rapid hair growth. The antioxidant properties of the oils
protect against breakage and free radical damage.
REVITALIZING TEXTURE – Hair oil that adds shine to any style and moisture when
needed. The rich texture will absorb into strands to maintain frizz and flyaways. Can also
be used to massage into the scalp for optimal hydration against stubborn dandruff.

VITAMIN AND MINERAL RICH – Jojoba oil and chickweed extract are packed with
vitamins A, E and C that thicken and strengthen hair from inside out. Vitamins create a
barrier on the hair shaft to keep moisture sealed in for smoother, healthier looking hair.
PRODUCTS MADE WITH PURPOSE – We provide you with products that are free of
oils and dyes and any harmful chemicals such as hormone altering parabens, sulfates
and phthalates, and 100% made in the USA and strictly cruelty free. We pride ourselves
on making high quality products that will have lasting positive effects on your
appearance as well as on the environment. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Enriched with the soothing powers of
+ the stimulating qualities of TIGER
CARROT EXTRACT. Rich in Vitamin A,
C & E for added comfort and relief.