Soothe & Condition Hair & Scalp Oil


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The Brookstone Hemp-Rich Collection provides more than just skin care with products geared toward hair and scalp health. The ‘Soothe & Condition Hair & Scalp Oil’ is moisture rich and luxurious, and will also leave your hair smelling like a garden of lavender. Healthy hair needs to be nourished from root to tip, and this hair oil provides all the benefits. Made entirely in the U.S.A from natural but powerful ingredients, this collection will target all of your hair and skin care needs from start to finish.

COLOR-TREATED HAIR SAFE- Natural ingredients will not affect color treated hair, and will deeply moisturize and restore shine and texture quality. Can be used on any texture or type of hair.

ANTI-BREAKAGE- Preventing breakage by nourishment will have long lasting effects on hair health and hair growth. A deep conditioning oil reduces tangling from dryness and adds shine to dull hair.

USE ANY TIME- For best results, massage into scalp and leave on for a few hours prior to washing hair, or as a hair product on ends to reduce frizz after washing. Apply from tip and work your way into the root.

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED- We provide trusted, licensed products that are entirely made in the U.S. and strictly made from safe and natural ingredients. If you aren’t happy with our product, please feel free to contact us.


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Enriched with the soothing powers of
+ the stimulating qualities of TIGER
CARROT EXTRACT. Rich in Vitamin A,
C & E for added comfort and relief.